Super Duty Multi Cage

Super Duty Multi Cage

Super Duty Multi Cage

Brand:Super Duty
Product Code:SD-MUC
  • $2,980.00


The Super Duty Multi Cage . The stainless steel weight storage pins are angled slightly upwards to prevent weights vibrating off during use. The lack of front "feet" make this the most compact commercial multi style rack available.

This rack features the similar style of safety bars inside the rack as found on our conventional style power racks. Unlike those silly Chinese made "slings" found on some of our competitors racks, our safety bars are quick to adjust (no giant wing nuts to mess around with) and you can tell at a glance what height the bar will stop at.

Please note, This rack needs to be bolted down.

  • Our optional weight lifting platform or deck integrates perfectly.
  • Optional Dip attachment available.
  • Optional EXTERNAL spotters arms available (as seen in last image).
  • Optional Torsinator attachment available.
  • Elevated side beams enable all but the tallest people to do overhead lifts.
  • Uprights are constructed with 4mm thick Australian steel.
  • A video of our optional Bench Docking System can be seen by clicking here >>

   Customer Instagram post.

Length 146
Width 170 (including weight storage pins)
Height 248 (can be reduced)
Frame Colour Optional
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