Super Duty Ninja Rig - DISPLAY MODEL

Super Duty Ninja Rig - DISPLAY MODEL

Super Duty Ninja Rig - DISPLAY MODEL

Brand:Super Duty
Product Code:MGT-NINJA
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  • $3,100.00


DISPLAY MODEL- perfect condition: Packed back into original boxes ready for despatch.

Colour: Yellow and Black (Please note- The silver components in the photo will be supplied in yellow)

Excite your members with the Super Duty Ninja Warrior Rig. It's an amazing piece of functional equipment that has something for everyone, from beginners to the very athletic.

Ideal for scheduled group training, while the Ninja enthusiasts can train and play between classes.

You can even schedule time trial challenges to generate enormous interest across your entire membership.

What you get.

  • Rope Climbing Station
  • Olympic Rings Station
  • Ball Target
  • Climbing Station
  • High / Low Monkey Bars
  • Rebounder Station
  • Boxing Station (without bag)
  • 2 x Stretch Station
  • Dip Attachment
  • Torsonator (not shown in images)
  • Inbuilt storage trays for kettlebells or medicine balls

Please note: There is no adjustable pulley machine supplied with this display model. The adjustable pulley station shown in photos has been replaced with a second stretching station.

Length (varies with chosen stations)
Width (varies with chosen stations)
Frame Colour Black and Silver